a cartoon picture of LX Nen
A Fictional Pop Star.

LX Nen isn't real. He's just a jumble of letters taken from a car numberplate.

Despite that, LX Nen has drunk over 47,000 cups of tea and has also nearly finished his first 'proper' album.

LX Nen no longer lives in Romford.

Garagband.com users voted "D G L" as the 648th best electronica track of all time.

This music is safe for people who are boycotting the RIAA.

Bouncy Castle

Taken from the Headmelt demos, Bouncy Castle is an upbeat track that is being demoed on TheSixtyOne. Head over there to listen and read comments from other LX fans.

The Headmelt Demos

Recorded for the RPM Challenge, "Headmelt" is a 1-hour long album of all new material recorded entirely in the month of February 2009. LX has decided not to realease it publically, instead it is being treated as a demo for his first 'proper' album, which will be finished sometime in 2009. LX is curently polishing up the rough edges and replacing the duff tracks with better ones, while drinking lots and lots of lovely tea. Marmalade on toast may well be involved too.


Like every other musician, real or imaginary, LX Nen has a MySpace page. You can be his imaginary friend if you have a MySpace account, and if you don't you can still hear "D G L", and because MySpace sucks and won't allow large files you can hear just the second half of "Diversion" there and less than 1/4 of the epic "No Chaos", which was the first LX Nen track.

Facebook, Twitter etc.

Facebook still won't let you have music on profiles, but LX Nen has a page there anyway, mostly because it was automatically created by iLike.

LX Nen promises to 'tweet' a lot less than Stephen Fry.


"Headmelt", an unreleased album.
"Bouncy Castle" from "Headmelt" appears along with "D G L" on TheSixtyOne.
"Diversion" Free download as part of the Darksounds compilation "Evidence of Autumn", Edited version appears on MySpace
"No Chaos" Full 16 minute mix available for a limited time as a free mp3 download. Edited version appears on MySpace.
"D G L" Free mp3 download as part of the Darksounds compliation "Dreamgirl, I'm Desperate for You", also appears on the AMPFEA compilation "Shelter", and on MySpace.

Side Projects
LX Nen Remix of "At the dISCO" by punkdISCO available as an mp3.
"Unshelter" Unreleased album recorded in a single day, credited to "Various Artist".
"Tuesday Night Marmalade" credited to Andy_R appears on the AMPFEA compilation CD
"Le Printemps"
"Non-Realtime" appears on the CD "Metasynthia 3.2", credited to Andy_R.